Tuesday, May 6, 2014

22 months

ok, time can slow down right. now. i seriously cannot believe i'm already planning hud's 2nd birthday party. i'm so not ready. i've done a pretty terrible job of keeping up with his monthly updates, but here's what's happening this 22nd month of his life!
height: no idea (something bigger than 32 inches)
weight: 25-26 lb (we had 5 drs appointments last month)
clothes: 18 month shorts, 24 mo/2T shirts
shoes: 7/7.5! (big feet like his parents)
diapers: size 4, although i think size 5 is coming soon
sleep: waking up once between 4:30-5:00 and sleeping until we wake you up for school
well last month was quite the doozy with an ear infection that just wouldn't stop. we ended up seeing the doctor five times in april and had 2 rounds of one antibiotic, an antibiotic shot, then another round of a different antibiotic, plus a new allergy med that really seems to be helping with the congestion.
dear sweet hudson,
even though you were an unhappy camper last month who never slept and pitched fit after fit, we still love you so, so much :) your vocabulary has exploded and you comment on every.thing. you started telling people "wuv ew" and it's just about the sweetest thing ever. some of my favorite phrases are "arrrrre ew" [where are you?], "nack peese mama" [snack please], and telling all of your trucks "night night" before you go to bed. speaking of trucks, you are as obsessed as ever with dumptrucks, bulldozers, garbage trucks...if it's big with wheels, you love it. you also still love to read and be read to, which is so sweet. your daddy and i noticed that you have some books memorized and will fill in words as we read some of your favorites (little blue truck, wacky wednesday...) which is crazy! you started identifying a few more letters (A, T, E, O) and count "two, seven, eight." we love you to pieces and can't believe how fast you're growing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter recap

so i realize i'm a [few] days late and a dollar [or five] short on this easter recap, but here it is anyway!

i wish i could say we enjoyed beautiful south georgia spring weather and lots of time outside, but the weekend was nothing short of gross/nasty/cold! drew volunteered one of our church's four easter egg hunts saturday morning. they ended up just bagging up the eggs and passing them out to the kids who braved the rain. he said it was a soggy mess!

while drew was playing the easter bunny, i was at the doctor [yet again] with hud. drew took him to the doctor on friday morning and he ended up getting an antibiotic shot and she wanted to recheck his ears saturday morning. good news: they weren't "bulging" anymore, bad news: they still had yellow fluid in them. so, we left with our 3rd different antibiotic. i hope next week's recheck brings clear ears! saturday afternoon we did a lot of this...hud's new favorite activity and one i also enjoyed as a kid!
on sunday, drew headed to church early and hud and got ready for the 9:30 service. we were actually on time! whoop! we attempted some easter pics, but experienced a major fail. taking pictures with a toddler is HARD!

after church, we headed over to bainbridge to have lunch at drew's grandparents house. his aunt & uncle and their kids were in town, along with his parents. we had a great afternoon and i got a nap. double whoop!

i've been super busy at work this week with statewide testing and end of the year IEPs. i'm searching for the summer sunlight at the end of the long tunnel! hud is definitely enjoying the nicer weather we've had this week :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

sleep deprivation

y'all. i'm so tired. most of you who know us know very well that hud has never been a fabulous sleeper. i can count on two hands the number of times he's slept all night in his 21 months of life, but the other night he took it to a whole new level. we had a little easter egg hunt at our house [more on that later] on saturday morning and put hud down for his nap a little later than usual...and he was up in 30 minutes [he usually naps 2-3 hours]. we chalked it up to too many oreos and candy. when 8:00 rolled around he was obviously tired so we didn't think him sleeping would be an issue. and it wasn't until about 10:45. he woke up screaming. i went in and tried to calm him down, sang, patted him on the back, got in his crib with him [judge away], but nothing was working. about 2 hours later i woke up drew and asked him to take over...and 2 hours after that drew woke me up. and our child was STILL awake. by this point [read: 4 am] something had to give. we put our screaming toddler in the car and drove around town.

less than a mile into our trip [i was driving], we hear a "thud" that sounded like something hitting the back of the car. drew immediately asked where my phone was and lo and behold it was MIA. we were on a 4 lane highway with "find my friends" pulled up on drew's phone trying to locate mine. i'm creeping along at 30 mph scouring the ditches looking for a glimmer of hope and drew informs me that my "dot" on find my friends is following his...meaning the phone is in the car! we pull into a gas station [4:30 am at this point/toddler still screaming] and start searching. and there it sat, wedged between the back windshield and the trunk of my car. we had to laugh to keep from crying. hud finally went to sleep and we were back home by 5. here is what the looked like sunday morning.
sidenote: on thursday, he finished a round of antibiotics for an ear infection and i could tell he wasn't feeling much better this weekend. the doctor confirmed today that he has ANOTHER double ear infection. guess that explains the terrible sleeping patterns/general crankiness we've been experiencing.
on saturday, i invited a few friends over who have kids hudson's age to hunt some easter eggs. being right at 2 years old, i knew they were old enough to hunt, but not old enough to hold their own with bigger kids so we had a little backyard hunt. they had so much fun! it's going to be neat to see these kids grow up together. they're all within 4 months age of each other and are a mess! it also helps that i love their parents!

we had a fun little weekend and are gearing up for easter this upcoming weekend...i guess i should find hudson an easter outfit. eek!

sidenote part 2: i'm still holding strong with my no shop 2014 resolution. although it's getting more and more difficult with the warmer weather we've been experiencing!.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

life happenings

I swear time just slips by and before I realize it it's been 2 weeks since I updated the blog! We've had a busy couple of weeks...
  • Last week my great grandmother passed away. She was 99 years old and a wonderful inspiration (and wonderful cook). During Hudson's first trip to my parents house, we were able to take a "5 generations" picture...something I'll always treasure!
  • My mom is on spring break this week, so she and my dad came down last night to spend a few days with us Hudson. It's always fun to have them visit :)
  • I still have a to-do list a mile long (including painting our stupid kitchen table). I'm thinking it will probably be summer before I'm able to accomplish anything on that dreaded list.
  • I've gone a little overboard on the Easter decorations this year. I've never been a big holiday decorator (except Christmas), but something about having a kid makes me want to throw garland and burlap banners all over our house.
  • I seriously can't believe Hudson is 21 months old. I know I say that every month, but it's blowing my mind. I'll do a monthly update soon! I've already started planning his 2nd birthday party and it makes me want to cry.
  • Here are some random pictures just to make this post a little more entertaining :)


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

back on the bandwagon

hi y'all! it looks like i'm falling back into old habits of just reading blogs instead of posting them. oops.

anyway, lots to catch up on. i'll keep it short on words and long on pictures :) our spring break was nothing special. i managed not to complete a single item on my to do list and i'm surprisingly okay with it.

hud and i went to the beach with my mother and law (his gigi) for the day. it was blustery and cold, but h had fun chasing "tweet tweets" and throwing sand.

we celebrated st. patrick's day in style with green waffles for breakfast and green pancakes for supper!

we did some sword fighting and general mayhem ensued.

you can also see we spent almost the entirety of spring break in our jammies. sorry not sorry.
i still have plans to paint our kitchen table and organize some things, but i enjoyed the extra time with my boy!
i managed to do a little easter decorating with some ideas taken from here and there.

hopefully i'll be able to update with some actual projects soon! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

spriiiiiing break...well almost.

Hi Y'all! I'm so incredibly excited about spring break being next week. I need a week to get things together! I have lots of things I want to accomplish around the house, but let's be honest, I'll probably just be lazy and maybe do some laundry.

Just a quick weekend recap...Unc D and Cece came over on Saturday and while Drew and Celia ran 10 miles [blech], Hudson got to hang out with his Unc D! I got 0 pictures, because I'm just that good, but Daryl took all sorts of good pictures with his fancy camera.

On Sunday, we went to church, took a quick nap, then headed off to Finn and Knox's 2nd birthday party! I can't believe they're already [almost] two! Bethany of course did a great job with decor...their "It's a Ball" party was adorable. Hud made fast friends with our friend Alexa's daughter. She kept calling Hud "baby" and he followed her around like a puppy!
We've enjoyed some amazing weather the past few days, and coupled with Daylight Saving Time, we've been spending tons of time outside. Apparently we need to enjoy it while it lasts though because it's supposed to rain tomorrow and get cold again. Boo!
Next week is also the big consignment sale! I've already tagged and sorted almost 100 things to sell! I am doing some major purging of Hud's old clothes. Things were getting out of control [as in we still have 6 rubbermaid containers full of clothes]. If you're in the Thomasville area, stop by Thomasville Kids Sale next Friday, Saturday and half-priced day Sunday [a few miles north of Walmart on 319].

I can't wait to update my progress on my Spring Break To-Do List!
1) paint kitchenette table
2) organize pantry
3) finish gallery wall in guest room
4) play!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hudson: 20 Months

So, I feel like I JUST did a 19 month update. I'll blame it on February being a short month. I seriously cannot believe Hudson is 20 months old. Will he really be TWO in 4 months [insert tears]...

We didn't have a well check appointment this month, but did have a sick appointment [ear infection], so I have a few updated stats :)
Weight: 25ish lbs
Height: 33ish inches?
Teeth: Still 16 I think...no new teeth seem to have appeared
Diapers: Size 4
Tops: 18-24 months (some 2T)
Pants: Mostly 18-24 months (with adjustable waist band)
Naps: Same...usually one nap per day - 12ish-2ish
Sleep: Sleep has been a little better this month [knock on wood]
Oh Hudson, you're such a sweet little boy :) Your daddy and I are in awe of how fast you're learning and everything new you're doing. Last week you started some two word combinations out of the blue. Makes this SLP Mama proud! You're favorites are "more truck", "bye bye daddy", "more eeeeebeee[tv]." You absolutely love Chuck the Truck and Curious George. You love to laugh at Curious George's antics! You've also discovered how to climb on the coffee table and are so proud of yourself when you do.
This year was your first real Valentine's Day and we  I had a blast making homemade cards for your friends and teachers.
Your Nana also came and stayed with us for a week during her winter break. For some reason I only have one picture?! Probably because you were too busy to be bothered with stopping for pictures!
We've enjoyed some beautiful weather this month. We took advantage by playing at the park, playing outside, and picnics!

You're still quite the independent little guy and have had a few tantrums when things don't go quite your way [i.e. a crumb falls off of your cracker]. You're so full of personality and we love you so much!